When Oliver, a fourteen-year-old mixed breed with virtually no sight, tumbles down an embankment and is paralyzed in his back legs, it is the author, Bobby Haas, who suffers the most grievous emotional wound. As Oliver’s condition worsens and the prospect of “putting him down” becomes a medical reality, Haas refuses to give up on his best friend. At the bedside of a barely conscious Oliver who is locked in a fight for his life, Haas asks him for just 100 more days—100 days in which to cherish every moment together.

In the struggle that ensues, Haas never loses faith in his canine companion, and the pup proves his mettle. In this beautiful tale of uncomplicated love, Haas reveals intimate details about himself and his own crises. It is as much a journey of self-discovery for the author as it is one of helping his best friend along the road of recovery. Not just for animal lovers, Miracle Man: 100 Days with Oliver will resonate with anyone who has waded through tough times and somehow made it to the other side.